Firstly, we are going to be analysing some short films. The first short film we are doing is called:


(Glenn Brughmans, 21st August 2013)


Shot List:

  • Shot in shower
  • Opening Drawer
  • Bathroom shot
  • Door shot
  • Him looking at door
  • Opening door
  • Computer shot
  • screen shot
  • shot of him smiling

The main shot in this was him in the bathroom. This was a mid-shot and other shots used were a close up in the shower. But mostly throughout it was just mid-shots. One of the panning shots was when he was opening the drawers.


During the bathroom scene there are a lot of jump cuts to create a montage of him getting ready. At the end, the scene is very dark so might have been colour corrected to make the lack of lighting more intense


There was artificial lighting in the bathroom. Although quite bright, this was quite a soft light. At the end, the scene is purposely very dark apart from the light from the laptop.


There are a lot of bright colours used in this which add to the happy cheerful vibe of the film. Most noticeably, the jeans he wears are bright yellow. Also the bathroom is very bright and white. This is a contrast from the dark room he enters with the laptop.


Here is the music used in the short film. The music cuts at the end when it goes to the shot after the woman replies. This music is very cheerful and adds a happy vibe to the piece.

(AlumoMusic, 29th December 2012)

There were also Foley sounds used within. Some of the Foley sounds used in this were water, coughing, hairspray, door. They are subtle but adding sense of realism to something that normally the sound cant be easily picked up on camera.


Heres the second short film I analysed.


(MrLodipi, 26th January 2015)


In this short there are a lot of jump cuts while following the character as he looks for his phone. There was a lot of over the shoulder shots and close ups that all flow together well. The shots also help give an understanding of the surrounding.


As I said before there are a lot of jump cuts as he looks for his phone. This helps build up the scene. I also think there was colour correction in this to make it looks less saturated.  snappy shots, the shots compliment each other.


The lighting in this is quite dull but soft and subtle. This adds to creating a more mysterious feel to the narrative. There are several visible light sources throughout the scene.


The colour in this is quite dreary. I believe they colour corrected it to make it look less saturated.


There were several Foley sounds in this like the phone ringing and his keys jingling. The main sound in this was the music that sounds like dulled down jazz music.


(Charlie Lehmer, 25th June 2015)


Therese a nice scenic shot at the beginning that is quickly interrupted by the girl teleporting in. A lot of the shots of her running are quick and use multiple angles. When she meets the other girl the shots are focused on the characters, giving several different close up shots.


The editing in this is good, especially the teleportation. I also think the way it is edited with blackouts during the running sequence is very effective.


The lighting is very natural which contrasts strongly from the blue of the sci fi elements.


Like the lighting, I think the blue next to the natural colours of green and brown is very effective.


The most noticeable Foley sound here is the teleporting in. There are also a lot of sounds used within to give it a robotic feel.


(Lukáš Hrdý , 28th March 2015)


There are a lot of close up shots of the characters faces to capture their expressions.


I think the editing in this is very good, a lot of well paced shots that each lead into each other, especially when it focuses on the purse which shows the boys interest is in the purse, and not the girl as led up to believe.


There is a very sunset feel to this which makes it feel calm. I think this works really well.


There is a lot of orange being used in this.


There is a backing track in this which I think works into making it feel like a romantic teen film.


(FILMINUTE2011, 31st August 2011)


I think the shots are very effective, they clearing lead into one another and are short but also very good at making the audience focus on certain objects like the cup in the bin and the outline.


I really liked the editing in it. It clearly tells a story and carefully doesn’t reveal things untill the very end which signifies the loop.


Its very basic lighting, but gives the impression that its morning time.


The colours are quite bright though that creates the illusion of a sunny morning.


The sound in this is used quite effectively, like the beeping phone noise at the beginning which matches the beeping phone noise at the end. Its all foley sounds, that are put together to layer the video.


(flyingboyfilms, 22nd February 2016)


The main shots in this are the computer screen, the keyboard and the mans face. I think the simplicity of this is very effective given how short the film is.


There isn’t a lot of complex editing in this, just cut to cut. I think its effective as it switches between the screen and the mans expression and his hand movements.


There is not a lot of lighting in this. Just basic to light the screen and characters face. You can see the reflection of the screen in the mans glasses however.


The main colour in this is white, which I think is minimalistic.


There is only really the sounds of tapping and the man sighing in this. I think its subtle but works well to give layer to the film.


Initial Idea:

A man whose best friend is a alien balloon spend the day together.


A lonely teen called Mark whose best friend is a blow up alien balloon called Jeff spend the day together. They brush their teeth together, they get ready together, they eat together, they walk together and they go to bed together! At the end of the day though Jeff pops.

(Y108, 26th July 2012)

I have to buy some alien balloons online for my project as I don’t own any. Apart from this I don’t really need any other props. I will make a prop list just so I know what to bring onto set though.





Basic Plot:

Jeff and Mark are in bed with the alarm clock going off. There is a framed picture of them on the nightstand. They get up and brush their teeth together (the camera being the mirror). They put on matching outfits and go for a walk. They sit on a bench and view the scenery together. They watch TV together. They go to bed. As Mark closes his eyes theres suddenly a popping noise off screen and Mark opens his eyes.

I gave my characters name to add to getting to know the characters. I feel with the names, it makes it more personal and you know the character more. Also I think the fact that the guy has named the balloon and given it a personality, adds to their closeness.



For this I was going to use my bedroom but it is very dark in there which I don’t think will add to the cheerful vibe I want to give In this video. Instead I’m going to film it in my spare bedroom in the house as its very minimalistic but bright in there but I can easily close the curtains and block out all light sources for the bedtime scene. I would rather have a double bed in the room rather than a single bed so it shows the character views the balloon more as a whole individual who needs their own space rather than just a toy.



For this I just need a sink for the characters to brush their teeth over. I can always mimic this as the sink is never seen. In my bathroom however as I want the camera to be the mirror, I might have to just film in a different part of my bathroom as there is no room for a camera between the actual mirror and the sink.




For this I live near the downs in Herne Bay that basically is a large hill that overlooks the seafront. Some of the colours here are quite vibrant so will be perfect for my short.

(Laserrush123, 9th January 2011)

As I’m hopefully going to be filming on Saturday, I looked to see what the weather was going to be like that in Herne Bay on that day. I looked on BBC weather and Saturday seems to be the best day on the week to film as it is slightly sunny.

(BBC, 6th February 2017)


If the weather looks dull during filming, I can always colour correct it. The only other day that is sunny(ish) is Monday which is not possible for me as I’m in college.

Update: I decided not to film on the Downs as my garden was available and easier to get there.

Dining Room

For this I can easily use my dining room at my house as I just need a room with a table and two chairs. My only problem is that there is a giant mirror in my dining room. My solutions to this are either take down the mirror or film so the mirror can’t be seen at all.

Update: I’ve decided to cut the dining room scene from my short film as I feel the mirror is too big to move and work around and the plot still works without the scene.

Sitting Room

This I just need a sofa and a TV. This is simple as I can just use my sitting room in my house. There are no mirrors in the room and the curtains are mostly always closed but still let light in so I don’t have to worry about reflections.


Theres also a coffee table between the Tv and the sofa so I can easily put my tripod on here as my tripod is quite short and normally needs something to stand on.




Foley Sound List:

  • Opening of Cupboard
  • Brushing teeth
  • Rubbing a balloon
  • Walking
  • Tv channels changing
  • Remote clicking
  • Alien conspiracy doccumentary



Background Music:

I have a few different songs I want to choose for my video. They all have the similar theme of friends in them. My first choice is Best Friend by Harry Nilsson. I think its a very upbeat song that can add to the cheerful feel I want for my video. My other choice is You’re My Best Friend by Queen. Although not as cheerful, I think it would also really work with my video. I think I might decide during the editing stage, overlaying both the songs over the video when I’m finished and seeing what works best.


I ordered two of the alien balloons so incase one pops during filming, I have a backup.

I also need to get a toothbrush and a photo frame for my piece. I bought a toothbrush from Poundland. I bought a colourful childlike one to add to the character of Mark.

17198844_393247601049999_526875866_n.jpgI also bought a plain picture frame from Poundland. My problem with this was the glass front gave off a load of reflection. I got around this by just taking it out.

With glass front
Without glass front

I’m going to decorate the frame so it looks more personal. Here is my template for the frame writing.


rethgyryjhtye.PNGI tried to write on the frame I bought with sharpies but because of the dents in the wood, the writing did not appear smoothly so I will print it off instead and stick it on. I also think this will make it more clear.

In the scene in the sitting room, on the tv appears a alien documentary. I looked through all sorts of documentaries but they all seemed very dark so as the tv is only going to be shown for a few seconds, I decided to make just a still image. This meant I could also keep with my colour palette.


I created it on Pixlr online as I was familiar with the editing programme. Here is the final picture.

This is what a qualification in media gets you - Copy (2).jpg


Here is the colour palette for the picture.

Overall, that’s it for props. I wanted everything to be very colourful to add to the cheerful theme of my short film.

In this I only need two outfits per character. A night time outfit and a outfit for the day out. They both must be matching for the characters to show their closeness. For the alien, I will just use old baby clothes I have in my house and try my best to find matching clothes in the charity shops for the character of Mark. I want to use bright colours like yellow for my piece. I think if I stick to the three primary colours, yellow, blue, red and as well as the primary colours, green as the alien is green. then that will make a good colour palette. A lot of kid movies, especially Pixar films use a bright colour palette.

(Mels Brushes, No Date)



One scene that was a big inspiration for the colour theme for my short film was the song “Life’s a Happy Song” from The Muppets.

(shidiey, 2nd March 2012)


I practise messing around with colour correction on a old piece of footage. I wanted to brighten up the colours and make it look more saturated. I played around on Avid but the piece of footage I used wasn’t that well lit so some of the colours would look strange.




Production Diary:

I started filming on Saturday, 11th March. I started at around 2pm and got straight to filming as I had already set up my rooms during Pre-Production. It was just me and my friend who was playing Mark as my other friend who was going to help was ill in the morning. This was fine as she was only going to help with lighting and holding up Jeff in some scenes.

I started filming the morning bed scene. My problem firstly was that as it was a really sunny day, the light was coming into the room brightly and creating streaks of light across the bed. This was not realistic for an early morning scene so I closed the curtains. The curtains were pink though so it gave a slight tint to the scene.


We filmed the scene easily and progressed on to film the bathroom scene next. I made my friend sit on the edge of the bath as I was going to film from torso up so it didn’t matter. This also meant I could use the shower curtain as the background. This scene was very easy to do and I got it down in one take.


Next, we moved onto filming the TV scene. I had pre recorded the scene of the actual TV and the alien on it earlier in the week as I was practising lighting the TV right and managed to get a ideal shot then. This scene took a few attempts as I wasn’t happy at when Mark hugs Jeff. I tried it several different ways so I would have options while editing.


After this, we moved onto our last scene for the day, the outside scene. I was going to film at the Downs but decided my garden worked pretty well and the Downs was a bit difficult to get to with all my equipment and only 2 of us to carry it rather than 3.


My garden was alright to film in apart from the washing line that I managed to cut out for most of the shots. After this I was done filming for the day. I still had the night time bed scene to film but as it was only about 4 and we had done a lot already I decided to just film that on another night.

I finally decided to film the night scene on Monday 13th March as I had already edited everything else at College so I knew that nothing else had to be reshot.


I waited till it got dark and then filmed the final scene. My only problem with this scene was the lighting. I needed the light to look like it was turning off but after turning off I still needed some light to see the characters faces. I solved this by having a lamp on and covering the bulb slightly with a piece of material which worked a bit. After I had shot this, I had finished and reviewed all my footage. I was really happy with it so I didn’t need to film anymore.



I came into college on the Monday with all my footage, apart from the evening scene. I started by sorting the shots out first so I wasn’t importing videos into Avid I didn’t need. Once I had sorted this all, I started importing the needed videos into Avid. While this was importing, I went onto https://freesound.org/ and used my sound effects list to find all the sounds I was looking for. Then, I started on editing. I edited the first half together first and then started playing around with colour correction. This was very fun to do and as I had already practised it beforehand, I knew what sort of colour I was aiming for. I went in the end for a washed out over saturated vibe. I wanted to have a bright colour scheme but also wanted to go for a 70’s show vibe which is quite washed out but colourful to match the mood of the music. I think I achieved this pretty well.

After this, I worked on speed. I wanted to speed up the video a little bit so it would fit in the one minute mark. I had a trouble using the time warp tool on Avid as I was not familiar with it. I ended up having to export the first half of my short film separately and then editing the speed all in one go. This was slightly easier though especially when I had finished everything and was trying to get right on the 1 minute mark. In the second half of the short film, the hardest part to edit was the TV scene. I had to find and use many different Foley sounds to make it seem like the character Mark was switching channels.


This is a screenshot from Avid to show all my sounds I had to use just during just the TV scene. It required a lot of short cuts and repetition of the TV static sounds, I think overall though this scene worked very well and was defiantly one of my favourites. I also lowered the music during this scene so people would focus more on the sounds than the music.

I continued editing on the Tuesday as I had the evening footage I shot on Monday so I could complete my project. I didn’t struggle too much with editing. Also for my music, I decided to choose Harry Nilsson’s “Best Friend” which was the theme tune for the 1969 TV Show, “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”. I chose this as I felt it was very cheerful and really went with the video.

(warnerarchive, 19th December 2014)

I had some trouble with exporting my video. The first time, I exported the whole thing in really terrible quality and no sound. After this, I exported it again but had forgotten to render some of the effects so I had to export it again. Finally, when I made sure everything was ok, I exported it and it turned out great.



My project was a short 1 minute film based on friendship. It was centered around a guy called Mark and his best friend who spend the day together.

In the pre-production stage of this, I focused mostly on looking into my colour scheme and making sure all my props would fit within this. I think this was effective in the final outcome.  I also looked into locations and worked on set design so all my locations would look as bright as I could make them. I also worked on a short storyboard so I could follow it shot by shot to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I didn’t write a script for it due to there only being one line of dialogue but I made sure to make this apparent in the storyboard.

During my production stage, I made sure to film everything several times so I had choices in the post production stage. I also made sure my scenes were well light to brighten up the colours. I shot my project over two days as on the second day I needed to film at night.

During my post production stage, I edited the whole thing on Avid. I also found some foley sounds to add layer to my project. I also worked a lot on colour correction to give a more saturated feel to the video. I had a hard time trying to fit in the one minute mark so I ended up speeding up the video so I just got it on a minute. The speeding up is definitely apparent when Jeff is pulled out of bed.

One of my goals in this was to stick to a colour theme. I wanted to feature a lot of bright colours during this to give it a very cheerful vibe. I expected the colours in it to be a bit more vibrant but because I colour corrected it to make it slightly washed out so it would have a 70’s Tv show vibe to match the music, this wasn’t the case. I was still told though that the colours in it were very apparent so I think I did succeed in sticking to a colour scheme.

I think my media product was different because I think in the theme of friendship everyone just assumes it’s between two humans or maybe even animals. I think the idea of a guy being attached to an inanimate object and treating it as a person could still be considered friendship. I didn’t want to focus on just doing a basic friendship as I feel it’s overdone. I was inspired by films like The Muppets (2011) in which a man’s best friend is a muppet. Also Lars and The Real Girl (2007) focuses on the relationship between a guy and a doll which has a lot more adult themes in it than The Muppets. I also think it was challenging to be able to bring across a bright colour scheme as it isn’t very common so was hard to find inspiration for it that weren’t kids cartoons. I was inspired by the colour scheme of The Umbrellas of Cherbour (1964)  as it is very vibrant.

My ideal target audience for this was teens and above. I wanted the bright colours and overall plot to trick people into thinking it was more child friendly which makes the ending of Jeff popping contrast from the rest of this. I think my finished project does present and promote my idea and theme of friendship to teens and above.

I think my project stands out from other short films about friendship as I took a risk in choosing a friendship between a human and inanimate object. I wanted to just do something that was different and something that isn’t covered as much. I think the message of Mark and Jeff is that you can find friendship in anything. My creative decisions help communicate my message as I made sure during my video to show Mark’s affections towards Jeff. Helping him with daily tasks, letting him choose the TV channel etc.

Some of my visual problems I faced during my production stage was lighting the nighttime scene. On the first take, I ordered my lighting person to turn off the lights and completely forgot nothing would show up on the camera because it was dark. I tried to think about if I could film the end scene in complete pitch black with just an audio overlay but overall decided that I wanted to see Mark react to Jeff popping. I got around this by putting a lamp far away from the bed so it would still light the scene but from a distance so it wouldn’t be as harsh. I then put a pillow over the light so I could block it out slightly. This solved it so I could see Mark reacting. My problem after this as what looked pretty well lit but still dark on my camera, looked grainy while editing. This didn’t help after putting my colour correction on it as it made it even more grainy. I talked to my tutor who explained that this was just a thing that happened during low light filming and I didn’t have to worry about this too much at this stage. For my FMP i would love to film again in low light so I can focus on reducing the noise in the picture and learning how to mimic a nighttime scene for the future as I feel this would be a very useful skill to have. Another problem I had with this was when I had the pillow over the light, the pillow started to heat, so I think I will invest in a LED light so it is more controlled and I can manually dim it without having to worry about covering it. I didn’t really have any sound problems during as I only had one line of speech and made sure to record room tone so I could layer this on in the background. I already had found my Foley sounds in advance so I knew what I had to work with.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my project and have had a lot of positive feedback with it. I’m really happy I took a risk on focusing between a human and inanimate object and I think this paid off really well.




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