We had to come up with three initial ideas. We had to think about what could inspire us such as what our skills are, what’s common themes within our work etc. I decided to choose three ideas that were all based around things I’m interested in but all very varied. I think when I come down to choosing an idea, I’ll have a range of choices.


Write a coming of age film script.

(admin, 3rd November 2015)

I was thinking about genres of films I really like and as looked at some of my favourite films, such as Boyhood and The Perks of Being a Wallflower and realised a recurring genre through many of these films was coming of age.

A coming-of-age story is a genre that focuses on the growth of a protagonist from youth to adulthood (“coming of age“).”. I really love a lot of coming of age films and would like to create one but I think in the time I have this isn’t possible. I don’t think a short coming of age film would work very well. I have recently been into script writing as I’ve been writing basic scripts for short films I’ve been doing outside of college. I would love to develop my skills in script writing as I feel its something I am interested in and would consider pursuing in the future if being a film maker doesn’t work out. Also looking at the fact I only have teen actors available anyway, I think doing a genre like coming of age would be more realistic as it is very much a teen genre.  I don’t know if focusing on script writing is best though as I’ve only just started doing it and I feel some of my other skills are a lot stronger, such as directing and set design.


A short horror movie based in one room.

(Lions Gate Films, 2004)


As my first short film, “Hallo” was a short horror film, I feel I would be good at doing this again. I find horror an easy genre to do which would let me be able to focus more on the actual details of the story instead of worrying too much about fitting within the genre. Also due to having next to no budget, I would not have access to a lot of locations anyway so I think focusing the short film about being trapped in one location would work really well. I also really like films about being trapped in one room such as a lot of the Saw movie franchise, 12 Angry Men,  Would You Rather, etc.


A short film based in the 70s.

(Lemonrock, no date)

I love it when films are extremely detailed so I am making a film focused on detail. I really enjoyed set designing for my last short film which was Mark and Jeff as I set myself a colour scheme and made sure everything on set went with this. I am very interested in 70s culture and would love to make a short film about that. I feel it would allow me to focus on the look of the scene and making sure all props and set looked or are from the 1970s or before for an authentic look. I feel although this would be a challenge, it would be something I would be very interested in doing and working on. I feel with just a simple 5 minute plot, I could really make this work.



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