This week I will be looking at the requirements needed for a film or Tv production.

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(Robot Camel Films, 2nd February 2016)


Task One

In the media industry, it is organised in a sort of hierarchy.  People like producers and directors are at the top while people like runners are at the bottom. In this industry, you must start at the bottom and rise up from there. My work fits in to this as, as I’m the director, I’m in charge and control what people like the cameraman, actors and sound people do. My work is independent as I’m experimenting with making my work look like it’s based in the 70’s and also filmed in the 70’s to give it a very authentic look.

Looking at organisations that would produce my work, I would choose firstbornfilms. They are a independent UK based film company that produce drama, comedy and documentary shorts and films. They distribute work on their website.

(Mirko Illic Corp, No Date)

I will however, be distributing my work on Youtube and links to that on my social media sites. This will be regulated by Youtube, who will take it down if it has copyrighted material in it. I feel it will be for a niche audience because it’s quite a specific plot and only really for people who enjoy late 70’s culture.

Task 2

Looking at equipment I would need in a professional context to complete my work there is quite a lot I need .

Starting at cameras, I looked at professional film ones and which were some of the best in the business. I first looked at, The Sony PXW-FS7K retailing at £8,999.00. It can record in 4k resolution at 60fps. This means it can shoot in some of the highest quality available. Theres also support for multi-camera support meaning with several of these, shooting from different angles would be a lot easier than having to move the camera every shot.

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Preston Media, (No Date)

I then compared this to my camera, which is the Canon 550D. This retails for used at £269.72. This is discontinued by Canon 550D so I couldn’t find a price for it new. Comparing it to the Sony, it’s missing a lot of features. It records at around 24fps and 1080p resolution. For it’s price though it is a very good camera.

Next up I looked at sound equipment. At college, we use a Rode Videomic which retails around £95. I think I would actually use something like this in a real production. Rode is very commonly used in film production.

(Ceneo, No Date)

As I’m filming outside on a sunny day, I don’t need any lights hopefully. The light I use on my productions at the moment is a cheap £20 one i got on Amazon.

For editing software, in college, we are using Avid Media Composer. You can buy that for $1299 or $295 for student.

(Eyescreamfactory, 2015)

This is basically the only software I use and can use at college. I have also used very basic starter software like Windows Movie Maker and Wondershare Filmora. Both of these are extremely limited and not good to edit on compared to Avid. Avid has been used to edit many films and I enjoy using it a lot more than the others.

Task 3

Fort his take I have to produce profiles for two audience members. I wanted to my target audience to be between 16-19 so I chose two profiles, one being 16 and one being 19. I looked at hobbies that most teens have like watching movies and fashion.

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  • Name: Mike Peters
  • Age: 19
  • Occupation: N/A
  • Income: N/A
  • Education details: Studying History at University
  • Interests: Folk music, old movies.
  • Likes: Star Wars, That 70s show, Fleetwood Mac.
  • Dislikes: Westerns, pop music.
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  • Name: Lisa Brown
  • Age: 16
  • Occupation: Works in a coffee shop.
  • Income: £1,800
  • Education details: Year 11 at Secondary School
  • Interests: Fashion, Sewing,
  • Likes: Pop Art, Submarine Movie.
  • Dislikes: Sports, Sewing, Rock Music

I wanted one of my audience members to be more interested in the costume side of it while the other to be more interested in the fact it was filmed in the 70’s. I think choosing two different audience members wanting to watch the movie for different reasons was a good idea as it showed the range of people my film might attract.

Task 4

Here I will be looking at different job roles in the media industry and seeing what types of skills and qualifications you need for each.

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(Austin Grip & Electric, No Date)



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(Merie W. Wallace, No Date)

You don’t need a specific qualification to be a director. However, it is useful to have a degree in Film and TV as courses like this can be very helpful in teaching a range of skills a director might need.  For skills, you have to be able to work to a deadline. For experience, it’s best to have a lot of time spent on film sets and working in the industry. Most potential directors start at the bottom, working as runners and work their way up to the top.


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(Media Studies, No Date)

You don’t need a degree to be a film or video editor, but it is important that you show commitment and determination to get into the industry. Some of the skills you should have is to be able to receive brief, and maybe an outline of footage and/or a shot list, script, or screenplay; Also the ability to be able to assemble all raw footage, with camera shots either recorded or transferred onto video tape in preparation for inputting into the computer; have a keen eye for detail and a critical mind. You need to be extremely determined to succeed in editing, so you’ll have to show a willingness to get involved and be prepared to do the most basic of tasks


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(Carolina Starzynski, 3rd July 2015)

A bachelor degree in film and cinema can be very useful when being a cinematographer as you need to know the skills as its a very technical based job. Getting an apprenticeship or shadowing a cinematographer can also help someone increase their skills in this job. They need to have a creative ability and good communication skills. They also need to be able to manage a crew of people. For experiences, they need to know how to operate a camera and all equipment attached. They also need to know how to plan lighting and camerawork for any scene and know what equipment is needed. Also they need to know how to photograph.



Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith have both co-wrote several shows together. (Simon Mayo’s guests, No Date)

There isn’t a specific qualification to become a screenwriter. However there are courses you can take. For skills, you must be able to work as part of a team and meet strict deadlines. You also must be creative and have an understanding of plot, story and narrative. The best experience for this job role is to just to practise writing screenplays. You need to also have a knowledge of how to write scripts and also how to pitch them if they get picked up.


Task 5


Copyright protects your work and stops others from using it without your permission.

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(Susan Ward, 31st December 2016)


With production, you have to be especially careful with copyright. In the film industry, you have to be careful in case you plagiarise sounds, clips etc. You have to make sure you have permission to use things unless its royalty free. There are great websites to find clips that you can use and not have to worry about getting permission. One example of a website like this is: . MacLeod makes a lot of royalty free music that has been proven very popular on YouTube.

(EricArchive, 8th March 2012)

With trademarks, it’s very easy to put a product logo in your work and not realise it. Tv companies either have product placement where companies pay to have their product on display. They don’t like to display other products as they don’t want to give them free advertisement.

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(David, 12th December 2016)


For health and safety, I have to produce the paperwork for this. For this, I have to be looking at anything could go wrong in a production. Most of the time, I just have the problem of people tripping over wires. This can easily be solved by marking the wires to make them obvious to others. Accidents can’t be completely avoided but by having the paperwork proving that you have tried to fixed any major health and safety problems.

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(Norman Thomson, 26th Septemeber 2016)


Task 6

Some of the key skills I need for my project are learning how to direct a large amount of people. I have done this in side projects outside of college but I had help with that so this will be more challenging. I also have to learn how to colour correct in Avid. I did this slightly for make and Jeff to give it a more saturated tone but this time I need to edit it so it looks like it could have been filmed in the 70s. I can look up videos and guides on YouTube and the internet to help me out.

(TheWillemDafoe Dafoe, 22nd November 2012)