Lyd Reeves

Level 3 TV and Film Production 2016 Student

Project Proposal

Project Proposal


Week 2: Extended Project

when you are working on any creative project, it is more important to know why you do what you do, than what you want to do.

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Week 6: The Proposal

This week we are focusing on the pre production, production and post production stages of audio.

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Progression Week


We had to come up with three initial ideas. We had to think about what could inspire us such as what our skills are, what’s common themes within our work etc. I decided to choose three ideas that were all based around things I’m interested in but all very varied. I think when I come down to choosing an idea, I’ll have a range of choices.

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Week 1: Extended Project





Term 2: Evidence Document

This is my evidence document for term 2.

Evidence Document for Trimester 2

Week 8 & 9: Peer Feedback and Reflection

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Week 7: Peer Feedback and Reflection

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Week 6: Peer Feedback and Reflection

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