Lyd Reeves

Level 3 TV and Film Production 2016 Student


Unit 3 LO 2.1

Week 2: Unit 3: Jobs: Lighting Engineer

A lighting engineer is a lot more than just someone who operates lights. Being a lighting engineer takes a lot of skills and isn’t a simple job to do. They design the lighting to fit the look of the set, they maintain the lights and have to know how to fix them and they have to know how to set up the lights.

(National Career Service, No Date)

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Week 1: Unit 3: Jobs: Director

What is a Director?

(Ptdougherty, March 8th 2013)

A director is the visionary of the project. They direct everything;┬áthe actors, sound, editing, lighting, the camera and more. They work beside a producer who gets everything sorted before the director says action, and makes sure everything is there. They are both equal and don’t function without each other.

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