Lyd Reeves

Level 3 TV and Film Production 2016 Student


Unit 4 LO 1.2

Week 8,9,10- Hallo Project

For this project we have been given the task of creating a piece which the speech is only the greeting “Hallo.”

I’ve already had several ideas on this and I think I want to focus on horror. As my piece is only going to be about 30 seconds, I want to focus on creating suspense throughout the clip. I want to focus on horror as I feel this is a genre I’m already quite familiar with.

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Week 7: Unit 4: Theory: Representation

In this lesson we talked about representation in the media. This means re presenting reality which can lead to stereotypes.

(ginger parrot, 25th November 2013)

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Week 4: Unit 4: Theory: Narrative

In this lesson we learnt about narrative and how it helps tell a story. There are many different ways a story can be told. The order of how things are told in a story can influence this very heavily. Also, how many stories are being told overall can change a story completely.


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Week 3: Unit 4: Theory: Mise-en-Scene


Mise-en-scene is everything on the screen including sound. This also links into semiology where the audience looks at what’s on the screen and being heard and decodes it.

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Week 2: Unit 4: Theory: Genre

Genre is the type of something. In film and TV, there are so many different genres. For example there is horror, action, romance, western, sci-fi and thriller just to name a few.

A genre is needed to know what target audiences expect and as a media producer, what the genre expectations are.

(Alexandr III, No Date)

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Week 1: Unit 4: Theory: Semiology

In this lesson we learnt about Semiology. Semiology is the study of signs. These are all encoded and contain a message with a meaning which the audience decodes.

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