Lyd Reeves

Level 3 TV and Film Production 2016 Student


Unit 2 LO 1.1

Week 7: Unit 2: Research: Editing

Editing is very important when it comes to film. It’s what helps all the clips and sound come together and create the film. This week I’m going to be researching the basic history of editing and also famous film editors, Arthur Schmidt and Thelma Schoonmaker. 

(Middlesex University London, No Date)

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Week 5 and 6: Unit 2: Research: Production Research

For the next two weeks we are going to be focusing on production research. We were asked to choose a scene from a film or TV show and analyse it to see what would have to had been researched in order to create the scene. I’ve chosen to focus on the first scenes from the Freaks and Geeks (1999-2000) pilot episode.

(Thomas Robins, 29th June 2016)

SCENE- 0:00-3:20

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Week 4: Unit 2: Research: Camera

This week I’m going to be researching cameras. More importantly, I’m going to focusing on researching famous camera work in movie scenes.

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Week 3: Unit 2: Research: Sound

This week I’m going to be researching about different sound techniques such as Foley and films famous for their use of Foley sounds.

“Foley is sound effects added to a film during post production” says Sound Ideas (2000). They are created to add extra atmosphere or tension to a scene. Without them, the audio is empty and is just someone talking. It helps add layer and depth to a scene. They are everyday sounds such as water dripping or footsteps. A lot of these sounds aren’t even created by the actual noise, they are created using something else.

Primacoustic (No Date)


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Week 2: Unit 2: Research: Lighting

This week we were asked to create a research plan on lighting. I’m interested in finding out about film and lighting- focusing on the horror genre.

Horror movies work well using little lighting in their scenes to create a cautious effect and is used to make the audience feel uneasy as they cant see all that is going on.

(Warner Bros, 1973)

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Week 1: Unit 2: Research: Research Planning

In this lesson we learnt about how important research is, what’s the difference between Primary and Secondary research and what different methods and sources we can use to find our research.

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